Do diabetic patients wear a “braces” for exercise

Diabetic patients have poor physical fitness, and most of them have low coagulation function and poor anti-infection ability. Once teeth are injured, many chronic complications will be combined. Therefore, in order to avoid injuries during exercise, it is recommended that diabetic patients prepare a "braces" before exercise. This can protect their teeth well.

Diabetic patients may suffer from tooth injury during exercise, which may lead to bleeding, infection aggravation or spread, complications aggravation, and even septicemia, which may further worsen diabetes. Therefore, even when doing ordinary exercise, we should pay attention to protecting our teeth. In this respect, we can learn from the practices of foreigners in protecting teeth. In foreign countries, most people will choose a suitable brace for themselves before exercising. Some people may think that wearing braces will bring a lot of inconvenience to exercise. In fact, wearing braces will not affect normal exercise, nor will it affect normal communication, nor will it hinder exercise.

When choosing braces, you should take your own oral teeth as a template to ensure comfort. Braces should be retained accurately, worn stably, and can effectively relieve the impact force and protect the oral cavity to the maximum extent. In addition, when choosing braces, you can make specific choices according to the actual situation, which are generally divided into the following types:

(1) Young use type. A sports braces specially prepared for teenagers under 14 years old.

(2) Older fit type. Suitable for athletes who specialize in confrontational sports, such as skating, handball, basketball, football, wrestling, etc.

(3) Sturdy personality braces. These braces are relatively strong and generally suitable for athletes engaged in high-intensity sports, such as boxers, judo athletes and karate athletes.

(4) Professional tooth protection. This type of tooth protection is prepared for athletes of special professions, such as hockey, ice hockey, polo and so on. When choosing tooth protection, diabetic patients can choose according to their specific conditions and hobbies, and no matter which one they choose, they should take tooth protection as the criterion. In addition, they should also protect their teeth in daily life, especially those with diabetes. If their teeth are damaged or they want to be extracted, they must communicate their illness with the attending doctor in time, because tooth extraction is likely to cause blood sugar rise and affect their illness.



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