Matters needing attention in exercise for diabetic patients

The best treatment for diabetes is the combination of exercise, diet and drugs, but at present, many patients do not know much about exercise therapy, and there are some misunderstandings, and many doctors do not pay much attention to exercise therapy. In fact, exercise therapy is very beneficial to diabetic patients, which can protect islet β cells by improving circulation and metabolism, and can also reduce the body's resistance to insulin, and exercise can make people happy physically and mentally, which can reduce the occurrence of complications. Diabetic patients must pay attention to the following points in the process of exercise:

(1) Preparation before exercise. Exercise therapy should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, and blood sugar should be checked before exercise. Patients with blood sugar higher than 15 mmol/L should not exercise; On the contrary, if your blood sugar is too low, you should drink more water before exercising. It is best to carry some foods containing carbohydrates with you when exercising. Do some aerobic warm-up exercises before exercise, 5 ~ 10 minutes is advisable; Don't choose breath-holding action, because this action can increase systolic blood pressure.

(2) Do not choose strenuous exercise. Not all exercises are suitable for diabetic patients, because some exercises consume more physical strength and require higher physical fitness. Relatively speaking, patients can choose the following exercise methods according to their own preferences: walking, a kind of traditional Chinese shadowboxing (tai chi chuan), table tennis, badminton, etc. Persisting in these exercises for a long time is beneficial to the treatment of diabetes. Be careful not to choose high-intensity and anaerobic exercise to prevent accidental injuries.

(3) Dress for exercise. Dress for exercise is a problem that can't be ignored for diabetics. It is best for diabetics to wear loose shoes and socks with good sweat absorption, and clean them in time. At the same time, we must pay attention to protect our body and avoid injury.

(4) Adjustment after exercise. Diabetic patients should not rest immediately after exercise, but should do some rest actions, move their waist and stretch their calves, so that their heart rate can recover to 10 ~ 15 times per minute higher than that at rest, and generally rest for 5 ~ 10 minutes. Then sit down slowly and rest. In addition, exercise may cause appetite growth, so patients should reasonably control the amount of food and pay attention to the adjustment between food and medicine after exercise.

(5) Do not exercise immediately after meals. The habit of walking immediately after meals is not good, because in order to ensure the digestion and absorption of food after meals, abdominal flatulence, vasodilation and congestion. If you walk immediately after meals, you will divert the blood that should flow to the gastrointestinal tract due to the increase of exercise, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

(6) Do not move immediately after medication. After taking antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic drugs, sedatives, etc., patients should not go out or walk alone, and should stay in bed for 1 hour before moving.



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