Eating onions and garlic has an effect on diabetes?

(1) Onion is also called "onion", which is known as "Queen of Dishes" in European and American countries. Onion originated in Iran and was introduced into China, so it is called "onion".

The latest research shows that onion has a good hypoglycemic effect. Because onion contains similar hypoglycemic drugs-"tolbutamide", which can selectively act on islet β cells, promote insulin secretion and restore pancreatic function, thus lowering blood sugar. In addition, onion extract can significantly reduce blood sugar. The ethanol extract of onion can significantly reduce fasting blood glucose, and the mechanism is that onion can promote tissue cells to make better use of glucose.

To sum up, onion has an important protective effect on human body, which can reduce blood lipid, blood pressure and blood sugar, and has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. It is a "good vegetable medicine" on the dining table of patients with the above diseases.

However, onions should not be eaten by the following people: patients with acute infectious diseases, glaucoma and cataract. In addition, in order to avoid the destruction of nutrients, it should not be heated for too long when frying.

(2) Garlic, also known as "Hu garlic", is the bulb of garlic, a perennial herb of Liliaceae. According to traditional Chinese medicine, garlic is non-toxic, fresh and warm, and cooked and sweet. It belongs to spleen, stomach, lung and large intestine meridians. It has the effects of warming spleen and stomach, promoting qi stagnation, dispelling swelling, killing insects, relieving all kinds of toxicity, and prolonging life. Garlic has the functions of strengthening spleen and kidney, reducing blood lipid, preventing and treating atherosclerosis, resisting tumor, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.

Pharmacological studies of traditional Chinese medicine have proved that allicin has hypoglycemic effect. Garlic juice can reduce the blood sugar of diabetic patients. It is worth noting that when using garlic to reduce blood sugar, it should be taken by pounding or chewing garlic cloves. In addition, garlic not only has hypoglycemic effect, but also assists in lowering blood pressure and blood lipid.

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