Is legumes useful for controlling blood sugar?

Beans are one of the most important foods for Chinese people. Different kinds of beans have different sugar content. Soybeans, for example, have low sugar content, but high dietary fiber content. Therefore, mixed foods made of soybean flour and flour are popular with many diabetics. Soymilk, tofu and other bean products are mainly made of soybeans, so long as they are not eaten too much, they can not be counted as staple foods.

Beans and their products are rich in protein, and these proteins are easily digested and absorbed by human body. Diabetic patients should eat more beans and their products, which is helpful to the recovery of physical strength.

Beans and their products contain a kind of polysaccharide substance-bean gum, which meets water to form colloid and cannot be digested, absorbed and utilized in digestive tract. It has satiety effect, which can relieve hunger and reduce energy intake of patients. Some people have done such experiments: adding bean gum to the diet of diabetic patients can obviously reduce blood sugar within 30 ~ 90 minutes after eating. Therefore, it is speculated that bean gum may promote insulin secretion and improve insulin sensitivity of tissues and cells, so that glucose can be fully utilized and diabetes can be controlled.

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