Is it useful for diabetic patients to chew fully?

Diabetics should eat slowly and not wolfly. Chewing food repeatedly in the mouth can stimulate the secretion of saliva, which contains many digestive enzymes, and prolong the chewing time. It can also stimulate the secretion of gastric juice reflexively, preferably 50 times per bite. Chewing slowly can also make the food fully mixed with saliva, so that the food can be better digested and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. It can also prolong the eating time, and even if the amount of food is reduced, it can produce satiety.

Love will bring many disadvantages, such as affecting the full absorption of food nutrients. Because the amount of food consumed by diabetics is usually calculated, its effective nutrients should be fully digested, absorbed and utilized, but the different chewing degree will affect its absorption of nutrients. Experiments have proved that coarse chewers absorb 13% less protein and 12% less fat than fine chewers, and their appetite is also more vigorous. After chewing for 5 minutes, their appetite will decrease. This phenomenon is related to the part of the brain responsible for appetite. When it receives the same stimulation from the tongue and other parts, it will become dull and no longer want to eat, so chewing time must be longer to achieve the purpose of reducing appetite. Otherwise, chewing for a short time can only make people have a big appetite, Excessive heat energy in an instant, increasing the burden on organs such as stomach and pancreas, and easily leading to diseases over time.

Diabetic patients with particularly good appetite may wish to choose such a way of eating: before eating, eat some low-calorie dishes with less fat and large volume, such as spinach, boiled cabbage, fried bean sprouts, fried celery, etc., to satisfy hunger first, and then eat staple food after a little satiety, so that they will not eat quickly because of hunger, and can slow down the speed of eating, and try to chew slowly. Eating slowly can strengthen the digestion and absorption of food, so that nutrition is fully absorbed and utilized, which is quite beneficial to the health of diabetic patients.



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