How should diabetics eat breakfast?

Because of their own dietary characteristics, Therefore, we should mix our diet reasonably. It is best to choose coarse grain bread with low glycemic index for breakfast. The rise and fall of blood sugar is directly related to the intake of carbohydrates, If you eat foods with high glycemic index, the blood sugar concentration will naturally rise, which is very unfavorable to patients. Therefore, it is best for diabetics to choose foods with low glycemic index for breakfast. By comparing coarse grains with flour and rice, we can easily see that the glycemic index of most coarse grains is lower than that of flour and rice, such as coarse wheat with 36 and white rice with 81. Moreover, coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce the increase of blood sugar after meals. This fiber can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve constipation symptoms and accelerate the metabolism of toxic substances in the body. At the same time, eating coarse grains is easy to produce satiety, and brown rice and bran contain trace elements such as magnesium and chromium, which can make insulin play a better role and Breakfast contains coarse grain bread recipes, which patients can choose according to their own tastes.

Diet plan: 1: 50 grams of salted oat bread 2 slices, 250 grams of fresh milk 1 bag, 60 grams of eggs 1, a little pickles.

Diet plan: 2 slices of 50 grams of wheat bread, 1 salted duck egg and 1 bowl of soybean milk.

Diet plan 3: 1 bag of fresh milk, 1 steamed corn-bread with 50 grams of miscellaneous noodles, 1 boiled sausage with 20 grams and a little pickles.

Diet plan 4:50 grams of stick residue porridge 1 bowl, 15 grams of meat floss a little, 25 grams of corn bread 1 piece, mixed with preserved eggs 1.

Diet plan: 1 bowl of 30 ml soybean milk, 1 tea egg and 2 slices of 50 grams rye bread.

Here, we should remind diabetic patients that they should eat any food in moderation. Although coarse grains have many advantages, eating too much will have side effects, such as increasing intestinal peristalsis and gas production, and affecting the absorption of protein, vitamins and trace elements by human body. Therefore, we should pay attention to calculating the amount before eating.

In addition, milk should be taken with some staple foods. If you drink milk on an empty stomach, it is easy to consume the high-quality protein in milk as carbohydrate, so that its nutrition cannot be fully absorbed and utilized. Cattle grade is rich in calcium and vitamins, which are easily lacking nutrients in the diet. For patients who control their diet for a long time, they should consider whether the supply of these two nutrients is sufficient. If you have no conditions to drink milk, you can use other foods, such as soybeans or soybean milk, instead.

Diabetes patients should emphasize eating less and eating more meals, which can avoid the burden of eating more than the pancreas, so that blood sugar will not suddenly rise too high, and because blood sugar has dropped when eating, it can also avoid hypoglycemia reaction. Some patients do not eat breakfast for various reasons, only eat lunch and dinner, and think that as long as the staple food is unchanged, meals can be arranged casually. These practices are undesirable, which can easily cause postprandial hyperglycemia and is unfavorable to treatment.



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