Should diabetic patients take proper amount of sugar?

Diabetic patients are prone to hypoglycemic reaction because they take hypoglycemic drugs or inject insulin for a long time. At this time, they need to supplement appropriate amount of sugar in time to alleviate the adverse reactions of hypoglycemia. Therefore, diabetic patients should take a few pieces of sugar with them when going out. Once there is an uncomfortable hypoglycemic reaction, it is best to eat a piece of sugar to avoid accidents.

What we usually call sugar, The main component is disaccharide. White sugar, brown sugar and rock sugar are all disaccharides. Can be broken down into glucose. Glucose is quickly absorbed into the blood, Make blood sugar rise immediately, Therefore, diabetics should strictly control the intake of these sugars. It is best not to eat these sugars for patients with serious illness. If the patient is younger or mild, you can also eat a small amount of sugary food, and then the staple food you eat should be reduced accordingly. In short, whether diabetic patients can eat fruit or dessert should be determined according to the specific situation, and you can consult a nutritionist.

Some diabetic patients often feel greedy and always want to eat some sugary foods. At present, most of the foods sold in the market contain sugar, so how to solve the greedy without raising blood sugar? At this time, xylitol, saccharin, fructose, stevia rebaudiana, etc. can be selected. These ingredients can be used as sugar substitutes or sweeteners, The heat generated after eating is relatively low, It can not only solve the problem of greediness, It doesn't raise blood sugar in the body. Because xylitol and fructose are carbohydrates composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, Although each gram of oxidation in the body produces about 16.7 kilojoules of heat energy, But insulin is not needed in the metabolic process. After normal people or diabetic people eat glucose, Blood pressure rises very fast, but fructose and xylitol are different. When diabetic patients eat these ingredients, the rate of blood sugar rise is obviously lower than that of glucose. If the absorption rate of glucose is 100%, then fructose is only 43%, and xylitol can be as low as about 15.

It is worth noting that, Whether it is sugary food or sugar substitute with xylitol and fructose, it should be eaten in moderation, and excessive control or excessive consumption will not achieve the best results. Therefore, diabetic patients should grasp a degree when eating sugary food or substitute, not only considering their own health status, but also properly meeting their own needs.




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