What are the formulas for calculating the diet of diabetic patients?

What are the formulas for calculating the diet of diabetic patients?

With the improvement of living standards, Diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia have also come one after another. Prevention and treatment of these diseases are directly related to diet. The control of diabetes is closely related to diet, What and how much patients eat should be calculated. To maintain the ideal standard weight, we should not only consider the control of blood sugar, blood lipid and blood pressure, but also pay attention to the collocation of various nutrients. Five categories of food are needed by diabetics every day, but how much to eat depends on their own body and health.

Generally, it is necessary to calculate the ideal weight first.

Women's ideal weight (kg)-height (cm)-105

The ideal weight of men is divided into two criteria according to their height of 165 cm:

Ideal weight (kg) for height less than 165 cm = height (cm)-105

Ideal weight (kg) for height higher than 165 cm = height (cm)-110

No matter men or women, as long as the change range of weight is between 10% of the ideal weight, it can be regarded as normal; More than 20% can be regarded as obesity; If it is less than 20%, it is emaciated. Take a male patient with a height of 175 cm and a weight of 65 kg as an example. According to the above formula, his weight can be calculated as 65 kg, which is ideal, so that the total calorie needed by the patient every day can be calculated as 65 × 25 = 1625 kcal.

This calculation method varies from person to person, not only according to body weight, but also taking into account body shape, age and daily activities. It needs to be calculated scientifically under the guidance of a nutritionist. It should be noted that the old man over 50 years old will lose 10% of his total energy for every 10 years of growth.

Learned to calculate total heat, Let's take a look at how to mix meals reasonably for diabetic patients. GI is the glycemic index of food, It is convenient and safe to choose food according to it. Food selection is an important part of diet control for diabetic patients. Patients should pay attention to careful selection and eat according to the amount that individuals should eat. Choose food according to its glycemic index (GI), will be more flexible and safer. Determine the amount of food you eat for a day, It can be widely selected according to GI values. Usually, Foods with GI value less than 55, It is safe for diabetics to eat, However, some foods contain high protein and fat, but GI is less than 55, which requires the attention of diabetic patients, because foods containing more protein and fat can easily induce diseases such as heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that diabetic patients should not only pay attention to GI value, but also pay attention to the content of protein and fat in food when selecting foods.

Diabetic diet to be fine, cooking process do not add some accessories, such as sauces, broth, and even soup with the best medicinal materials do not eat. The total calories needed throughout the day to determine, then how to distribute? Experts suggest that patients can eat three or four meals, and the proportion of each meal can be divided into 1/5, 2/5, 2/5 or 1/7, 2/7, 2/7, 2/7.

In order to calculate accurately, for all other foods, such as staple food, non-staple food and seasoning oil, the inedible parts such as skin and root should be removed first, and then weighed before cooking.



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