Is it good or bad for diabetics to drink plenty of water?

Is it good or bad for diabetics to drink plenty of water?

Diabetic patients often have the symptoms of "three more and one less", that is, drinking more, urinating more, eating more, and losing weight. Thirst and drinking more water are the symptoms and reactions of diabetic patients. Some patients do not recognize the causes and treatment methods of diabetes, and mistakenly believe that polyuria is caused by excessive drinking water, so blindly control the amount of drinking water in life.

Thirst is the response signal of water shortage in the body, It is also a protective reaction, If the patient excessively controls the amount of drinking water, It will aggravate the disease, Severe cases can lead to ketoacidosis or hypertonic coma. Drinking plenty of water in diabetic patients is not only beneficial to the discharge of metabolic toxins in the body, It also prevents ketoacidosis (such as drinking plenty of water when ketoacidosis occurs), which is also good for blood circulation. However, if there is little urine, edema and kidney function is damaged, drink water in moderation. In general, moderate drinking water is good for diabetic patients.

Polyuria in diabetic patients is caused by the hyperosmotic diuretic effect of hyperglycemia. Urine volume is large, The symptoms of water shortage in nature are obvious, Stimulating the nerve center to have thirst symptoms, drinking plenty of water naturally becomes a means of regulation in the body. For patients with long-term blood sugar increase, the lack of thirst symptoms does not mean that there is no water shortage in the body. If the patient is already short of water and continues to limit the amount of drinking water, it will lead to blood concentration, resulting in an increase in blood sugar level, which is not conducive to the stability of the disease.

Diabetic patients should never control the amount of drinking water under the condition of reasonable diet, And drink more boiled water, This is not only beneficial to the treatment of diabetes, And can prevent complications of diabetes. If the body is dehydrated due to severe water shortage, Will increase the incidence probability of thrombosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, Dehydration can damage nerve fibers, The worsening of diabetic neuropathy. So, Experts suggest that diabetics should also drink 2500 ml of water every day. Under normal circumstances, the water contained in food is not enough to meet the body's demand for water, so it is best to drink 1600 ~ 2000 ml of water every day besides diet. Sugar-free drinks such as plain boiled water, light tea and mineral water are the best choice, but sugary drinks should not be drunk.

Drinking water includes not only plain boiled water and sugar-free drinks, Milk and soy milk are also good choices. Milk and soy milk can not only replenish water in the body, But also can obviously improve the symptoms of calcium deficiency. Especially soybean milk also contains a large amount of dietary fiber, It can effectively reduce the symptoms of hyperlipidemia and hypertension in diabetic patients. In addition, when protein intake is excessive, exercise intensity is relatively high, and sweating is excessive, water should be replenished in time. Moderate drinking water will reduce plasma osmotic pressure or return to normal, which will lower blood sugar, and patients will not feel thirsty.




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